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Our first meeting for Reiki, a 90-minute service, will start with a discussion so that I understand your needs.  Following our chat, you will receive a 45-60 minute Reiki session to increase your comfort with the energy and to experience how it feels.  For me, it is an opportunity to tune into your energy field and understand your needs on a deeper level. We'll chat after the session and I will suggest my recommendation for the most beneficial follow-up treatment, which will be one of the following:

Reiki Session

In a typical Reiki session I use a broad frequency of one or several types of Reiki to bring the body into a state of deep relaxation, where the healing begins.  The purpose of such a session is to heal the body and the mind.  A Reiki session is helpful for those experiencing physical or emotional pain or illness, or those who seek balance in mental disturbances like depression, addictions or anxiety.  


reiki session, healing attunement, aura cleansing, EFT, Eva Arciszewski
Healing attunement

In a healing attunement session, I use interview, meditation and a Reiki attunement to place and lock the sacred energy of Reiki into strategic chakras.  A healing attunement helps to remove blockages and empower you to meet your goals.  This type of session will be most helpful to you if you are struggling to improve your life or if you find yourself blocked by toxic patterns or negativity.  The energy is sealed for 90 days and can be repeated as needed.





Aura cleansing

An aura cleanse can be used to identify psychological problems and/or to remove energy blocks outside of the energy field.  It can be combined with a Reiki session.  An aura cleanse will help to remove negative or foreign external energy.  This type of session is most helpful for those who want to feel cleansed and refreshed. This can be combined with a session for a physical body.


Emotional Freedom Technique

The Emotional Freedom Technique is a process of tapping specific energy centers with clear statements of intention to help release pain and suffering and invite in balance and peace. The EFT works on the subconscious level and accesses the subtle energies of the acupuncture points and the meridian system of Chinese medicine.  The EFT is a way to release your physical and emotional pain.   This type of session will be most helpful to you if you are looking to release performance anxiety, anger, fear, phobias, emotional traumas, addictions, cravings and especially physical pain.  These sessions can be repeated on an as-needed basis.



Meridian check-up

A meridian check-up tests the energy meridians for blockages and helps to identify techniques for correcting an energy imbalance.   This type of session will be most helpful to you if you have "untreatable" or unexplained illnesses or pains.  These sessions can be repeated on an as-needed basis.



Distance healing

Distance healing uses sacred channels to bridge time and space and send healing energy. Physical and mental healing happens with more ease if you accept, trust and believe that when it is asked, it is given.  This type of session is for those who need Reiki services but are unable to attend the Reiki Wisdom Center in Middlebrook.  The recipient of distance healing is expected to meditate for 15 minutes to allow the energy to enter the aura.




"I first came to you as a bitter, grieving man in both physical as well as emotional distress. I asked that if it was possible for assistance in my outlook on life, some pain alleviation, a better ability to interact with my Attorney son as well as being able to die with dignity, as I had a terminal case of cancer.

I would gratefully accept anything else positive that I received.  For the two years following my wife's death I was waiting to die myself.  With your help as a friend but also a skilled Reiki Master I have learned a kinder, gentler way of life with emphasis on the universal power of Love emanating from a central, wonderful source that has many names, I call God."

"I've had no trouble practicing Reiki on a daily basis.  I have been working with myself - with tremendous benefit - and have noticed a lot of positive changes overall.  Those around me have noticed it as well, especially my boyfriend.  Yes, I have worked on him twice so far and each time he starts out somewhat skeptical, but by the end of the session is in this blissful and peaceful state.

Just yesterday I did a session with him and he asked if I had put something on my hands.  They were BURNING hot as soon as I started.  My face got very hot and sweaty too as I was moving in the positions.  He started getting really cold.  He's never cold. He described it as just feeling icy except where my hands were."


Steven E. Brown, M.D. 



“I have not experienced Reiki before with such a gifted spiritual mentor as you.  It began with sessions to treat my insomnia and as my sleep has improved dramatically, through your mentorship, our sessions naturally transformed into Reiki sessions exploring my spiritual path.  This was totally unexpected but it has been a fascinating journey. Your lively and down to earth Reiki sessions are filled with personal warmth and I feel like I am receiving the universal energy from a good friend.  I always look forward to our regular sessions like a new adventure."

Claire Suen

"The 3rd Reiki session with Eva was nothing short of a miracle . . . I woke up the next morning more alive and refreshed than I’d ever felt, with strong feelings of joy and happiness and love.  My elbow has felt fine since the day after that miraculous Reiki session; I have gone back to playing racquetball with no problems.  My hands and feet no longer get cold.  My ears no longer turn red for no apparent reason.  Although there is no know medical cure for reynaud's syndrome, it vanished after that miraculous Reiki session.  Most amazingly, a few months after that miraculous Reiki session, I went in for a routine follow-up colonoscopy to monitor my ulcerative colitis and diverticulosis.  Although both of these are, like Raynaud's, considered medically incurable, they were both gone."

Evan Farr

 "I was diagnosed with psoriasis when I was twelve, and I was told by doctors that smelly, sticky creams and painful, time-consuming laser treatments could help it, but it would never go away completely. For twenty years I accepted this disorder as a part of me, half-heartedly trying different prescriptions over the years.

I discussed the condition with Eva and after some research, Eva started to administer Facial Reflexology and Meridian work along with the Reiki.  Three months later after 5 sessions, I am nearly free of breakouts. Now, I have just traces of scarring on my elbows with very minor flakes that are more like dry skin rather than the dime-sized pieces I used to be able to peel off twice a day. Even though the stressful environment I am in has gotten even more intense, I am able to cope by following the guidance Eva has given me in accepting stressful situations and then releasing them. This skin disorder that has been a part of me for twenty years is fading fast. My skin is clear and soft, and I am so incredibly grateful for this transformation due to the beautiful energy of Reiki."


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