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Reiki Wisdom brings hope, peace and relaxtion



In December 2015, Reiki Wisdom opened its services in Middlebrook, Virginia. I am available to work with clients at the Arc Sanctuary. Long distance healing is available and so are home visits in the Middlebrook area in a 20 mile radius from the 24459 zip code (Staunton, Waynesboro, Fisherville, Churchville, Lexington, Natural Bridge and others.)

In the year 2023 many of us fill free from danger of Covid and participate in activities which were not available before. In 2023 I reopened my services as Reiki Classes and individual Reiki Sessions.


Please fill out the following form and I will contact you soon.  Give me 3 options of your availability (day and time). If it's our first time working together then we begin with a 90-minute Reiki session. I would love to know what brought you to this site and why you are interested in Reiki Wisdom. In the space provided, specify your physical or emotional issue or your interest in learning about Energy Healing. Also, you can pre-register to a Reiki class of your choice if we have already connected in person.


With questions, please call me at 703-474-0055.  I look forward to meeting you!


​Love and Light,

Reiki Class Schedule

Reiki session or other personal healing modalities are offered per request.  


Reiki I Class is offered almost every 4th Saturday of each month of 2023: 4/22, 5/27, 6/24, 7/22, 8/26, 9/23,10/28, 11/25, unless cancelled due to no interest.

Reiki II Class is offered only to Reiki I Practitioners one month or later after their Reiki I Attunements. It is a two day course.
Next classes will be offered in 2023 and later as per request.


Reiki III Class, Reiki Master and Karuna Reiki classes
will be offered per request.


All classes are offered at the Arc Sanctuary in Middlebrook, Unless otherwise decided. Every healing session and Reiki class includes the opportunity to walk the land of the Arc Sanctuary and meditate in nature.

by Reiki Wisdom in Middlebrook 


Karuna Reiki Masters: 2

Usui Reiki III Master Practitioner: 2

Usui Reiki II Practitioners: 9

Usui Reiki I Practitioners: 12

What Can We Learn in 2023?


Reiki I Class: 

This course teaches about self-healing and self-awareness.

To be admitted to the Reiki classes a prerequisite 90 minute Reiki session is preferable to get to know each other and learn if Reiki attunements are for you. 


Reiki II class is a two-day teaching course and offers attunements to three symbols. The course teaches:

Inner-Child Healing

Past Life Healing

Distance Healing

Reiki III Class:  

It is a two day teaching course. A student must be attuned to the Reiki II level prior of taking Reiki III class. Read about this class.

Karuna Reiki I and Karuna Reiki II Class will be offered as per request and deeper interest in Energy Healing by practicing Reiki II Practitioners.

A student must be a certified Usui Reiki II practitioner to be admitted to Karuna Reiki I level course, and a Usui Reiki III Master Practitioner to complete Karuna Reiki II level.

Usui Reiki Masters can be attuned to the Karuna Master level after completing Karuna I and II level classes.




Register below for a selected activity, including a marriage celebration.

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Remembering the beginning of the Earth Day Ceremony                                       of 2016.

When the Chief of the Chiefs arrived to the Arc Sanctuary we started the Earth Day Ceremony with a prayer and dancing to the Prince's song "Purple Rain". Emotional tears were shed.

Next confirmed Classes in 2023

Registration is open for classes and individual Reiki Sessions.

Reiki Sessions can be scheduled according to the client's needs.

I have known Eva for about 10 years now and she has been such a wonderful and inspiring woman in my life ever since. She opened doors for me when she introduced me to mindfulness and Reiki many years ago and 10 years later offered that I take her Reiki II class in Middlebrook! It was such an enjoyable experience, even beginning with rural, mountainious drive to her home. I was even in in awe from the Arc Sanctuary, with it's amazing view of the valley and its location upon a rather mystical and peaceful forest.  Eva thorougly went through all of the Reiki procedures, including the symbols and how to heal ourselves along with others using Reiki.  After the attunements, we practiced on each other and Eva ensured that her students understood how to welcome in a client and explain in to them what the practitioner will be doing. Definitely a very inspiring and thotough class!!!


Victoria Olmer

Memories of Past Events

Earth Day Ceremony was moving

 Activities outdoor and Potluck to share Gifts from the Earth. 

Date: 4/23/2016  Time 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM

Place: Arc Sanctuary, Middlebrook.

The program included the following:

  • Reiki Tree of Life with intentions for Mother Earth

  • Guided Meditation Sahaja Yoga

  • Walking the Labyrinth with specific intentions

  • Blessing the waters by being close to the Water Creek which is flowing through the Arc Sanctuary

  • Walking the Land with intention of connection with the Pyramids of Giza in Egipt, with the local Jump Mountain and with the Trinity Point in Churchville, VA

  • Playing music and singing.  All musicians with their portable instruments are welcome (drums, flutes, guitares, cellos, etc.)

  • Writing, painting your intentions, wishes, dreams on pieces of cloth, which will be hang in the woods as "Wish-Come-Through Flags"

  • Relaxation in the woods

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