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Welcome to Reiki Wisdom


Here I continue offering my work based on a concept that healing is a co-created experience. With a decade of practice working with a variety of healing modalities, I specialize in Reiki. Reiki is one of the more known and accepted healing modalities. I see the Reiki healing method as a way to reignite a body into its natural state, where vitality, balance and radiance are present.


The Japanese word ‘REI’ means something mysterious or sacred, and ‘KI’ means the energy of the Universe.  If you are new to energy healing, I recommend you experience it during Reiki session(s).  The energy comes through my hands and a touch or no-touch method can be chosen. You will be comfortably lying on a massage table, encouraged to close your eyes but not fall asleep, as my husband usually does.  The healing is a co-created experience. Soft music supports your body in relaxing, enabling a deeper healing process. After the session we will chat and I will suggest options for our future interactions. The number of meetings depends on your personal situation.  You may become interested in learning the concept of self-healing or healing others during Reiki classes on a variety of levels. Contact me with your questions.


My husband Tomek and I moved to Middlebrook for our active retirement. We built a house on a diversified mountainous acreage of forest, meadows and creeks. This peaceful place we call the Arc Sanctuary. Arc gently replaces our Polish name “Arciszewski.” We envision this space as an oasis where a variety of gatherings can take place.  Tomek is a GMU Professor Emeritus, still teaching and publishing about inventive engineering and creativity. He envisions the Arc Sanctuary as an attractive place to experience classes on creativity. I envision it as an oasis where people can come for individual healing sessions, Reiki classes and workshops. Here people can gather for meditation, relaxation, discussions, music, dancing, singing, gardening, hiking, berry picking and other activities.


My internal healing journey is a part of a greater collective journey.  Like many people, I became curious about creative living, yoga, five rhythm dancing, and healthy eating as ways to bring calmness and balance into my then busy, aggressive and stressful life style. For me walking the labyrinth and painting play key role in maintaining my energy grounded and peaceful.  I built a labyrinth which I walk daily in silence separated from external distractions.  I notice that this walk helps me to step into an active workday more focused and relaxed. I gladly offer this option of labyrinth walking to my visitors. Three years ago I discovered that I am able to paint with oil. The process of creating my vision on a canvas is a pleasant way for me to feel present and joyful. I envision collective painting sessions in nature as one of many possible activities at the Arc Sanctuary.


It is both exciting and challenging arriving into a new community. I would like to share that although I am a chemical engineer by profession,
I now feel more as an alchemist,
focused on purifying emotional and mental energy with a goal of achieving a healthy physical body. This alternative approach maintains health by feeling self-empowered. Reiki provides tools to achieve this feeling.


Observing many miraculous situations on my Reiki table with my clients

I became open to Spirituality, an often challenging shift for a former Catholic. Various religions offer a variety of perspectives on energy healing. We can discuss this openly if you have concerns. You are welcome to read testimonials of people who share their experiences with me.

I look forward to bringing together an expanding group of clients, students and friends for discussions about topics like: how to work with diversified energy fields, individual shadows, past self-limiting thought forms and emotions. When I worked with groups back in my previous location in Fairfax, many successful presentations, meditations and discussions took place. I am open to continue this kind of social interactions at the Arc Sanctuary.



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