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Welcome to Reiki Wisdom

Here I, Eva, offer a co-created healing experience. With a decade of practice working with a variety of healing modalities, I specialize in Reiki. Reiki is one of the more known and accepted healing modalities. I see the Reiki healing method as a way to reignite a body into its natural state, where vitality, balance and radiance are present.

I, Reverend Eva Arciszewski, has been duly ordained a Minister of Healing by the Rays of Healing Church on September 2009, and I am qualified and authorized to perform the duties of the Church. For example I am authorized by the Circuit Court of Fairfax County to perform marriage ceremonies in the Commonwealth of Virginia.


Here, Our Arc Sanctuary serves as a place of memorable marriage ceremonies within a Labyrinth, followed or preceded by walks in the woods, along two creeks and on the pasture.


The Japanese word ‘REI’ means something mysterious or sacred, and ‘KI’ means the energy of the Universe.  If you are new to energy healing, I recommend you experience it during Reiki session(s).  The energy comes through my hands and a touch or no-touch method can be chosen. You will be comfortably lying on a massage table, encouraged to close your eyes but not fall asleep, as my husband usually does. 
The healing is a co-created experience. Soft music supports your body in relaxing, enabling a deeper healing process. After the session we will chat and I will suggest options for our future interactions. The number of meetings depends on your personal situation.

You may become interested in learning the concept of self-healing or healing others during Reiki classes on a variety of levels. Contact me with your questions.


My husband Tomek and I moved to Middlebrook for our active retirement. We built a house on a diversified mountainous acreage of forest, meadows and creeks. This peaceful place we call the Arc Sanctuary...







"All healing is first a healing of the heart." ~Carl Townsend

Contact and Visit Us

Reiki healing sessions and classes Walker Creek, Middlebrook VA 24459

Detailed address given upon
appointment confirmation.
Tel: 703-474-0055


Are you curious about
the Arc Sanctuary?


Available Treatments and Celebrations
  • Reiki sessions

  • Reiki classes

  • Healing attunement

  • Aura cleansing

  • Reflexology

  • Meridian check-up

  • EFT sessions

  • Long-distance Reiki

  • Marriage Ceremonies

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